Tuesday April 3rd, 7:30 p.m., St. Joachim room

These presentations by the Archdiocese of Vancouver Catholic Cemeteries deal with matters you may not have thought about before but will help you gather your thoughts before you write your first Will or prepare to update your Will. Learn about the beauty and dignity of the funeral rite and how to formulate Pre-Need arrangements. Receive FREE guides and loads of practical advice, also by attending the workshop you will receive 10% off your burial arrangements. These workshops will present facts and information. No investment services or insurance will be promoted or sold.

At 7:30 pm on Tuesday, April 3rd, we’ll lead you through a free Estate Basics & Memorial Planning workshop about gathering information for preparing your will, learning about the beauty of the funeral rite, and formulating pre-need arrangements. Receive guides, tools and practical advice.

For more information, please contact Catholic Cemeteries by email or call 604-531-2141. Sign up today at: https://rccav.org/events/179