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A focus on vocations to the priesthood – The Church and Vocations – The Redemptive Sacrifice 

By Fr. Hien Nguyen

The Redemptive Sacrifice

The candidates also need to centralize his life on the Eucharist as the “Summit and the Source” and by participating in this Paschal Mystery that they can express the aspect of brotherly communion. They need to foster the love for the Eucharist through their own devotion such as Holy Hour and daily participation in the celebration of the Eucharist because the doctrine of the priesthood is grafted onto this. The candidates thrive to be the signs (lex orandi est lex credentdi) of the incarnation love of God by their participation and promotion of the Divine Word and the Eucharist. Through the Eucharist, the candidates learned to reach out selflessly to the point of giving one’s life to others in following the example of Christ on the cross. Like many Fathers of
the Church, they wish to give their lives for the faith through martyrdom, a radical and optimal act of love for God. However, hen the Edict of Milan was passed by Constantine, thus began a period of stability and tranquility in the act of worship in the early Christian community. The outcome of this also caused a void for many Christians who have always desired and sought for the heroic act of martyrdom now was not obtainable. As a result they looked for a different channel to express their radical love for God and so born the movement of monasticism. Many early Christians began to search for the highest expression of love of God by leaving everything behind and living a life as a hermit with discipline of asceticism to purge the body, the passion, the desire and even the intellect and will so that they can be mystically in union with God. This process based on the Paschal Mystery of Christ, his Words, and his redemptive sacrifice.

Spiritual Guide
Every candidate should find a personal spiritual director from among the priests who are experienced and qualified in this regard, and the candidate should meet with him regularly. In this way, it also encourages the candidate to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation. The spiritual director cannot disclose any part of the conversations especially those pertain in the internal forum. He is to help the candidate to grow and mature spiritually. To assist in the holiness of the candidates, there should be retreats planned so that these young men can participate. The candidates must cultivate the spirit of self denial by living a life of
detachment. When they are willing to make sacrifices, they will develop a rule of life that will assist them in the future. They will learn to live in congruent with the way of life and acquire the virtue of obedience which helps them to live freely in joy and love of God through the Church.