St. James & St. Ann’s School

During the week of September 2 – 8, 1985, a new parochial school purchased by St. Ann’s Parish opened for elementary students. Making himself at home in one of the school’s classrooms was parish pastor Fr. Bill Ashley. The eight room classroom and 17 acres of land located across from a proposed major housing development was purchased over the summer. 40 kindergarten and grade one students from the area, along with two teachers began the school year in its classrooms.

Formerly a Baptist elementary school, it was put up for sale because of dwindling enrollment. With a growing Catholic population and a need to find classroom space to accommodate its growth, Father Ashley said acquiring the school was a blessing for the parish.

In 2009, St. James/St. Ann’s elementary school has grown to 219 students, with classes from grade 1 to grade 7. There are 11 teachers, 10 Teachers’ assistants and 5 administrative staff.

The school contact information is:
2767 Townline Road, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5E2
Telephone: 604-852-1788 | Fax: 604-850-5376
Website: www.stjameselementary.ca