Saint Ann’s Daycare

Looking for an inclusive, friendly, loving and caring environment for your child to grow?


Our daycare facility is open Monday to Friday from 7:00am – 6:00pm.



  • 16 – 36 months old
  • 3 years – 5 years old

Spaces available for

  • Full Time
  • Part Time
  • Drop Ins

For more information contact us directly at 604.300.8661.

Mission Statement

St. Ann’s Daycare a Group Child care Infant/Toddler and Group Child care 30months to School Age program. We provide a safe, stimulating and supportive environment, rooted in the Catholic faith, implementing the values of inclusion and acceptance. We nurture the “whole” child in the areas of physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual development, in a cooperative partnership with parents and staff.


St. Ann’s daycare aspires to guide each child to express his/her uniqueness and learn new things each day in an atmosphere of warmth, security and discovery.

In the context of the Catholic faith, we strive to nurture the creative qualities of all the children in our care allowing them freedom to express their ideas. In a child-centered environment we lol believe that the children take the lead in their learning while we as educators guide them on their journey.

Program Statement

St. Ann’s daycare recognizes all children as curious, competent, capable and rich in potential.  Through play, the children have fun while engaging, learning and exploring freely using age and developmentally appropriate tools and materials. Our objectives are to implement a program that enhances the child’s sense of belonging, expression, engagement and well-being while being encouraged to practice self-regulation. We believe that the ability of children to self-regulate enables them to interact and engage safely and appropriately with others. This behavior enhances feelings of self worth and enables children to interact positively with each other and develop friendships. We encourage the children to become attentive listeners and to show compassion during social interaction.

We believe in daily indoor and outdoor play, as well as rest and quiet time.   Indoor play includes music and movement activities, parachute games and various fine and gross motor activities.  Outdoor play includes climbing, running and play on large equipment, the use of balls, playing games etc. It is important that the children get sufficient rest, so we have a two hour nap / quiet rest time for the Infant/ Toddler program and one hour for the 30months to School Age children each day. Each child is provided with his/her own bed which is labeled and used solely by that child. Beds and sheets will be sanitized and washed weekly or more frequently if necessary. Parents/ guardians are asked to provide a blanket for their child which will be kept and washed at the daycare weekly / as needed as well as an extra set of clothing for emergency purposes.

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