Catholic Women’s of Canada was first organized at the Archdiocese of Edmonton in November 1912 to assist with the care and placement of immigrants from different countries. The movement spread throughout the nation. The call to action was welcomed and so these women groups were invited to meet in Montreal . In June 17,1920 the Catholic Women’s League of Canada was organized nationally.

In 1921, the League affiliated with the International Union of Catholic Women, now known as the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organization (WUCWO), an affiliation still maintained today.

The first annual national convention was held in Toronto in 1921. The delegates of that convention worked hard to produce a constitution , a set of by laws and the start of the publications, The Canadian League magazine.

The League, the largest national organization of Catholic women in Canada, seeks to unite Catholic women to grow in faith, and to promote social justice through service to the church , Canada and the world.

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The core values are :

  • faith-following Catholic teaching
  • service-local, national and international,
  • social justice- actively involved in society.

The Mission statement is “to call it’s members to grow in faith , and to witness to the love of God through ministry and service”.

The CWL is an inclusive and engaged community of Catholic women inspired by faith. It is a vital participant in the church, a valued partner for social justice, a respected advocate at all government levels; connected to the world.

The patroness of the League is the Blessed Virgin Mary under the title of “Our Lady of Good Counsel”. Her feast day is April 26.

The League crest is a cross, exemplifying faith, surrounded with ten maple leaves representing the provinces of Canada, with the words “ THE CATHOLIC WOMEN’S LEAGUE OF CANADA-FOR GOD AND CANADA” enclosed in an unbroken circle, symbolizing constant service to God and Canada.

The colours of the crest are blue, for the Virgin Mary and the papal colours are white and gold.

The flag is a symbol of faith, unity and purpose.

The League was incorporated federally in 1923.

St. Ann’s CWL was started in 1930. It has been serving our parish and community since then.

The League is officially recognized by the Canadian Catholic Conference of the Hierarchy (now the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops) as a lay association of women.

The League is composed of 4 levels: (Parish level is the grassroots. Diocesan, provincial and national are administrative councils which provide the direction, inspiration, and encouragement required to carry out the programs and projects of the League).

  1. Parish council
  2. Diocesan council
  3. Provincial council
  4. National council


Membership consists of :

  • Fully active member
  • Partially active member
  • Associate members (non-Catholic)
  • Financially supportive member
  • Prayer partner


Our CWL supports the following:

  • Advokate Life and Educational Services-Abbotsford
  • Catholic Missions in Canada
  • Christine Lamb Residence-Abbotsford
  • Coady Institute-Supporting adult education
  • Cyrus Centre-Abbotsford
  • Domestic Abuse Services
  • Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
  • Hope for Women Pregnancy Centre-Abbotsford
  • Matercare International Canada (safe obstetrical care)
  • Migrant workers
  • Nightshift Ministries (Surrey)
  • Priests, Deacon and Sisters’ Appreciation Dinner
  • Prison Ministry
  • Save a Family Plan-India
  • St. Clare’s Monastery Sisters in Mission
  • ESK Omi Mission

We provide the following :

  • 2 High school bursaries
  • Gifts for First Communion and Confirmation
  • Gifts for newly Baptized babies
  • Poor man’s supper on Good Friday

We are able to support these charities financially because of the support of our parish, generosity of the members/parishioners and the community during our bake sales, catering funeral lunches and social events.

We meet once a month.

We invite all women ages 16 years old and over to join.

Our council executive term is 2 years.


Elaine Caxias


Carmen Arruda

Donna Podovinnikoff

Noli Buyco
Past President

Anna Wauthy

Maria Lockstidt

Valerie Loeppky
Social Justice

Vancouver Diocesan Council


CWL Appreciation Dinner for Priests and Deacons

Twelve of our members attended the CWL Appreciation Dinner for Priests. Fr. Eduardo, Fr. Marcos and Fr. Antonio accompanied us. A wonderful time was had by all!

Important contact information:
CWL-Catholic Women’s League – Elaine Caxias – 204-823-3826