Catholic Funerals at St. Ann’s

Should you need to plan a funeral for a loved one, the parish office is able to help you in organizing it.

Keep in mind that Catholic Church tradition is to have the body present at Funeral Mass. Cremation usually follows after Mass with the body in Church for liturgy. Don’t make rush decisions. It is best to consult with a priest before making plans.


When there is a funeral Mass, normally a wake prayer is held a night before the funeral day. This time is also an opportunity for the family and community to view the body after the wake prayers. The two common wake prayers are; saying the Rosary or Praying the Psalms for the Dead or other appropriate prayer approved by the Priest.


First and Second readings may be read by the Priest, a member of the family,  friend attending the Funeral Mass, or someone appointed by by Priest. The Gospel is read by the Priest.

Mass liturgy is broken down into three readings:

  • First Reading – Old Testament outside Easter season. During the Easter season the First Reading is chosen instead from the Acts of the Apostles or the Book of Revelations. 
  • Second Reading – New Testament
  • Gospel Reading (Proclaimed by Priest or Deacon) During Easter the Gospel of John is preferred.

The Parish office provides a list of recommended readings to select from.


Saint Ann’s Parish has two organists. When booking a Funeral Mass you may request one of the two organists. The Parish office will confirm availability.

Customarily, 4 hymns are selected. There are many hymns you can select for a Funeral Mass.


The last part of the funeral exercise is the final commendation of the deceased. A priest or deacon is required to be at the burial site for blessing of the plot and final commendation. The family makes this arrangement with the priest or deacon.


Small gatherings are allowed at St. Ann’s and the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) is available to cater funeral receptions Monday to Friday.

Contact the Parish Office or more information.