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On Confirmation Day

When the Church celebrates the Feast of St Matthias, Apostles, it was supposed to be your Confirmation Day, young friends, a day of joy, faith and commitment.

Surrounded by family and friends, you would publicly assume the duty of Christians by the sealing of the Holy Spirit. Confirmation requires from you boldness in witnessing the faith and courage to defend it. For this reason, confirmation is referred to as being an “adult in the faith”, a soldier of Christ.

During Confirmation, the Holy Chrism, which is a perfumed oil, is used to Anoint your forehead. St Paul in that regard says that believers ought to “spread the sweet aroma of Christ”.

I am writing to you, dear Confirmands, to ignite in you the flame of faith. First of all, choose Christ. Your actions may always reflect the adult person you now are. God’s love is a free gift from our Creator. As saints, martyrs and friends of God set an example of humility, fidelity and love before their new state of life so should you.

Bear fruit, as St Matthias gave witness of Jesus’ Resurrection. May your fruit remain as a great legacy! Today’s world is in need of heroes, who touch people’s lives by their compassion, commitment and love toward others.

“Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit”. It is the liturgical formula used by the minister to confer on you the grace of Christ, his heavenly powers. By them, your soul, your inner being is changed, so you now “belong to Christ”. It was that power or gift that transformed people’s lives. So much so that from fearful souls, Christ’s followers became his new ambassadors!

Remain in Jesus, the Lord; remain in his love and commandments. Through these words, I want to let you know I pray for you and think of you! This is my way of keeping connected and expressing my closeness as we go through difficult times.

God bless you! Sincerely in Christ,


Fr. Eduardo Quintero, CS