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From the Pastor’s Desk

By Fr. Eduardo Quintero, CS

I cordially greet you, dear parishioners.

As you all know, we are starting a ministry at St Ann’s Parish. It is the richness of our charism, the experience of our Religious Congregation and Bishop Scalabrini’s vision that we eagerly want to share as we journey together as a Parish community.

Allow me to take advantage of St Ann’s Feast Day to write to you. St Anne & St Joachim are the Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. A tradition that began in the Second century gives these names to the parents of the BVM. Joachim means “God grants”, while Ann means “grace”. So virtue and grace mingle powerfully in this couple’s life.

Through their intercession many graces may be granted to us! Happy feast day to you all!

Paraphrasing St Augustine’s statement (A Bishop I am for you; a Christian I am with you), I also want to introduce myself to you as a Pastor (shepherd) and a server. Let us help each other reach holiness and together let us be a reflection of God’s love and mercy.

We have a heart for migrants, so does St Ann’s by hosting Spanish & Korean Masses, by participating in the Refugee Program, by promoting varied activities with our Seasonal Farm Workers, by having open arms for all God’s children. Please help us in serving the “stranger” and in making them feel at home, so that God may always be seen and welcomed in them.