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Parish Enhancement: Moving St. Ann’s Parish from “Maintenance” to “Mission”


YOU ARE INVITED – Parish Enhancement: Moving St. Ann’s Parish from “Maintenance” to “Mission”

Some months ago, the Archdiocese gave us a grant for Parish Enhancement. It was to be used to enhance the life of the parish, to help the parish surface “committed disciples” and “servant leaders”, who would spearhead a revitalized vision for the future of our parish. The idea was to move the parish from maintenance to mission.
A committee was formed, and it prepared a plan for enhancement to be presented to the archdiocese. Among the many programs available we chose to use a synodal process of reflection and sharing since the universal Church was invited to be involved in such a process which led up to the synod of last October in Rome.
Once our request for a grant was accepted the committee invited about thirty parishioners to participate in four workshops which would train them to facilitate groups in the synodal process of reflection and sharing.
Speakers were invited to run the workshops along these themes, “An Overview of the Synodal Process”, “Path of the Church and the Human Person”, “The Art of Active Listening”, and “Understanding Group Life”. This would be the comprehensive focus of the enhancement while the targeted focus would be to minister to our youth which has already begun and runs on Friday evenings.
The next phase of the journey is to hold a parish wide assembly so that a large number of parishioners could participate in the synodal process. It would take place on a Saturday, February 24th with Mass at 9:00 am and ending about 2:00 pm. Sister John Francis LaFever, FSE will be leading us in the reflections. Childcare would be available so that young parents could also participate. A lunch will be provided.
The trained facilitators will be involved in facilitating the groups that would be formed for the assembly. It is hoped that as many parishioners as possible participate in this parish wide assembly. Mark your calendars for this important assembly. I will be including articles in the bulletin these next weeks to help in understanding this synodal journey that we are on. We will also be registering parishioners for the assembly as we get closer to the date.
Jesus sent his Disciples on a mission. Are you ready to embark on the same mission?

– Fr. Richard