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St. Ann’s Abbotsford Income Comparison


Without getting into the details for now I hope that this chart explains our financial situation over the years.

The finance council has made as many cuts to this year’s budget as possible.
Our employees have accepted to cut their hours and the parish office will only be open four days a week and for only seven hours a day.

I am grateful to you who have supported the parish for many years.
I together with the finance council will do everything we can to make good use of the resources you have entrusted to us.

It is my hope that together we can deal with the financial challenges that are before us.
Fr. Richard


In 2021, Pope Francis decreed that a SYNOD would be conducted worldwide, within the Church, with the object of discerning our path forward as the Universal Church.

If you already have a Synod response to contribute, I invite you to do so by submitting it by internet as follows…go towww.stannsabbotsford.ca/synod place your name and email in the appropriate spaces and respond to the questions indicated. Be concise and focus on summary statements.
You can also submit responses in writing by dropping it off at the Parish Office in an envelope marked “SYNOD RESPONSES” or send us an email.

For further information you can also go to rcav.org (the archdiocesan website) and click on the synod icon.
Our parish Synod committee, headed by Peter Withers, will be receiving and collating the responses in the course of the next couple of months, and then submitting a compilation report to the Archdiocese. We will keep you informed on this as progress is made.

God bless you,
Fr Richard Zanotti, CS